Core Yoga
Yoga designed to strengthen the core muscles of the body. A strong practice focusing on strength rather than flexibility. Tightening and engaging core muscles and abdominal structures can improve respiratory function and stabilize the torso whilst teaching the muscles to work together efficiently and effectively. This class is a great supplement to any yoga practitioner. Feel like you’ve really earned your Savasana
Gentle Flow
A slowed down, more gentle class, designed to open and find space in the body, relax the mind and reduce stress.  This class synchronises movement with breath for an effective mind and body connection. Great for beginners and anyone wanting to take it a bit easier today
A traditional style of yoga using a wide range of poses (asanas) and breath practices (pranayama), each preparing the body for the next. This class will lead you through backbends, twists, forward bends, and seated poses before allowing you to connect once again with the breath and relax your body as you feel the benefits of the class.
Hatha Flow
A more dynamic, moving style of yoga where we link movement to the breath as we move through traditional yoga poses, but in a more flowing and energizing style
Yoga Strength
A class that combines traditional yoga asanas with strength work, for an all-over body strength and toning experience. 
Journey to Handstand
A fun inversion class for beginners to intermediate students. Build strength and mobility in the areas you need to work towards a handstand. It is good to be a little nervous, feel the fear and do it anyway
Open Meditation
Come sit and just be in a safe space. We open up the shala for an hour, you can spend an hour or ten minutes, just sitting, it’s up to you. We provide bolsters and pillows for your comfort. Please come and go quietly so as not to disturb your fellow meditators. 
The word vinyasa in Sanskrit means ‘to place in a special way’. We take you through an intelligently designed sequence of poses that link with your breath, to allow a flowing energy to your practice. 
Dharma Yoga
Dharma yoga is a heart opening and mind-expanding yoga practice, based on the teachings of the legendary teacher Sri Dharma Mittra. This practice is designed for those wishing to advance through progressively challenging asana practices. This practice is a mix of different Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles, which are designed to stimulate all the energy centers of the body, unleashing the dormant forces within you. 
Power Yoga
Our power yoga classes are a dynamic style of yoga that blends Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and Vinyasa yoga. Power yoga focuses on equal parts strengths and flexibility while giving time to practice power poses such arm balances and inversions. With creative sequencing and strong connection to breath, practitioners find this a stimulating practice leaving them energized.  
Yin Yoga
Yin yoga is a ‘passive’ style of consists of a series of longer held poses, anywhere from 1-5 minutes. This practice does not work the muscles, but rather we relax into the poses, so we can work the fascia of the body, the connective soft tissue that surrounds or joints. Most of this practice is aimed at the lower body that is dense in connective tissue and will be practiced on the ground. A fantastic way to lengthen and strengthen the body, whilst balancing energy. This practice will leave you feeling nourished. 
Restorative yoga is a series of poses that include the use of props such as bolsters, blocks straps, and blankets to help the student explore deep relaxation, stillness, and inner peace. In these supported poses, the body and the mind are guided into relaxation to find stillness and calm conscious breath. Each student is given the space and encouragement to let go of tension and stress in the mind, body, and breath so they can relax deeply, be present and open their hearts. 
Yoga Nindra
We take you on a guided journey to a state of consciousness between awake and asleep, where you may experience ‘yogic sleep’, or the bliss state, a place where you truly feel relaxed. 
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