Yoga Holiday (Retreat)

Yoga Holidays at Anand Yoga Village are your chance to reconnect with yourself, relax and discover the joy of yoga all while indulging in the gorgeous surroundings of Palolem Beach.

You will be able to enjoy all the yoga you want while taking time for yourself to relax on the beach or enjoy local activities. Practice in our beautiful open-air yoga shala, eat fresh local food and enjoy our inviting air-conditioned rooms.
Anand Yoga Village is a safe and welcoming space for everyone. A beautiful escape for self-discovery and relaxation. We can’t wait to welcome you!

With a schedule offering up to four classes and workshops a day, including asana, meditation, pranayama, chanting, yoga theory, asana masterclasses and much more, you can choose your own holistic practice and routine at Anand Yoga Village, with the aim to promote your balanced well-being. While we encourage you to participate in and get as much out of your time with us as possible, you also have the freedom to explore the surrounding areas, or rest and restore on the sand.

Classes are led by our nurturing and lighthearted yoga teachers, whom each has their individual teachings and experiences to bring to you, so you have a variety of styles and disciplines to choose from.

A typical day offers a variety of asana classes and times for you to choose from, including more dynamic practices as well as restorative/yin, gentle and beginners. We tailor to you, afternoon workshops, where we will delve a little more deeply into the many aspects yoga has to offer. Our classes include some asana, pranayama and meditation.

Our one week Yoga Holiday (Retreat) packages
(7 Days/ 6 Nights)

Nestled in a small and quiet coconut tree grove at Anand Yoga Village and just one minute walk from the sand of Palolem Beach is our generously sized yoga shala where you’ll practice yoga. Anand Yoga Village is a safe and welcoming space for everyone. A beautiful escape for self-discovery and relaxation. We can’t wait to welcome you! 

Type of AccommodationFees (in Euros)
4 Bed Dormitory€400
6 Bed Dormitory€500
Double Occupancy€650
Single Occupancy€800
Couple in Private Hut€1400

Our two weeks Yoga Holiday (Retreat) packages
(14 Days/ 13 Nights)

Type of AccommodationFees (in Euros)
4 Bed Dormitory€800
6 Bed Dormitory€1000
Double Occupancy€1300
Single Occupancy€1600
Couple in Private Hut€2600

Yoga Food

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every meal you ate infused you with a feeling of well-being? Well, that is our aim in every meal at Anand Yoga Village. We believe fresh is best, that yoga food should be simple, wholesome and nutritious. So we offer a variety of tasty and colourful food to revitalise the body, excite the taste buds and keep you feeling light and healthy.


served at 9:00 am – after morning class

We offer fresh fruit and smoothies at breakfast, and you can expect to help yourself to fruit salad, oats, homemade granola, curd, wholemeal toast with honey, nuts, seeds and dried fruits and fresh, quality coffee and tea.


served at 1:30 pm

For lunch, our cooks will treat you to home-cooked wholesome meals such as rice-stuffed peppers or eggplant, guacamole, tofu cream cheese, buddha bowls, veggie burgers, Thai style noodles, a variety of salads, soups and so much more to keep you feeling satisfied. We serve vegetarian and vegan food only. There is no set menu, every week is different.

Sleep well

Our yoga village is situated in the quiet village of Ourem, just a two-minute walk from the hustle and bustle of the beach, at the south end of Palolem.

We have for your comfort, newly constructed wooden cabins, featuring large windows which means lots of air and light, Fans inside and on the veranda.

Room options are three-bed sharing, twin, or private occupancy. So whether you are planning on bringing a friend or prefer your privacy, all possibilities and budgets are catered for.

We also have a communal relaxation space, located on the other side of a small stream on our property, a place to eat, talk, read or just sit and enjoy some time for you.

At Anand, our aim is to be inclusive, so no matter your experience, ability, age or anything else, we welcome you to practice with us. Our teachers will find a way to accommodate, adapt and modify for your needs. We truly believe yoga to be a system of techniques and guidance for enriched living, one that everyone can benefit from!

The main purpose of yoga is to bring a balanced flow of energy to the body, thereby calming and balancing the mind. The methods to achieve this include physical practice (asana), breath control and expansion (pranayama) and concentration/mindfulness (meditation). We will be sharing with you some of these methods during your stay at Anand Yoga Village, in the hope you are able to develop a personal practice to take home with you.

What you get when you stay

Full and unlimited access to the yoga shala schedule plus extra personalised workshops 
Half board in either a shared or private cottage 
Healthy breakfast and lunch, snacks, filtered water, tea, coffee 
Unlimited WiFi 
1x deep tissue or Ayurvedic massage per week (must stay a minimum of 6 nights) 

Optional extras/not included in”  
Tibetan sound healing 
Ayurvedic consultation/treatment 
Therapeutic massage 

Local activities: 
Bharatanatyam Dance Classes 
Boat trips 
Indian cooking class
What to bring: 
A yoga mat. If you do not have one you can borrow one. A water bottle, please only take small sips as you practice. Dress in comfortable clothing that will allow you to bend and stretch without distraction. A smile and an open mind! 
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